I am writing about my experience with Dr. Madhu Sharma but before that, I would like to tell about myself. I was at home from last one year due to my back injury and I did put on weight from 69 kg to 83.5 kg result of which I got short of breath going up stairs or even shortdistance walk. I felt inactive and lazy all day, spending around 4 to 5 hours sleeping during the day and feeling like my body have no energy to do anything even daily household tasks, I wasn’t happy with this routine and started feeling low, only wanted to lose my extra weight and become more active as I used to be. But due to my back injury I couldn’t go to the gym and do exercises, not even lift anything heavy or bending, brisk walk and eating were only things I was allowed. That time I got serious about myself and started to think what else I can do to lose this weight. I went online and started looking for dieticians in Panchkula and decided to visit Dr. Madhu Sharma. My experience with Dr. Madhu is life changing, the way she guided and listened. She asked me first to take some tests and after that, my diet plan was set. After looking up my reports she made my meal plan so whatever extra in my body can be reduced like fat, cholesterol or uric acid only from diet, no external meds. In the very first week I start feeling the change because I remain woke up all day didn’t feel sleepy during daytime and was very active, this started on the third day of my meal plan but as I continued her diet I noticed changes very fast within a month I lost good weight of 5 kg through her diet and brisk walk only. I am more energetic and productive now this is all due to Dr. Madhu. I liked the way she deals because she listened to me fully what I do or eat and explains everything. She gave me full time during my visit and even if I had any doubts she was a call away. Her polite nature and good guidance have changed my life I never felt anything like this. From dieting, I had in mind that I have to eat less or skip meals but I