Diet in Monsoons

This is that time of the year when risk of food borne infections and illness are at its peak. So friends, here are some of important factors to be kept in mind to keep fit and healthy to enjoy the monsoons:

    • Avoid heavy fried and fat rich foods -difficult to digest
    • Use only pasteurised milk and milk products from the same-curd, buttermilk good options.
    • Avoid cut fruit and other roadside juices and foods.
    • If desired use stew of chicken, rather than heavy curries or fried forms.
    • Eggs especially white portion can be consumed if boiled or cooked well to avoid infection.
    • Sprouts and salads cut at home are safe and healthy options.
    • Pickles and other preserved items to be stored in air tight containers to avoid fungal growth.
    • Spices like hing, zeera, pepper and cinnamon are good for digestion.
    • Dry cereals, pulses etc. to be stored in air tight containers to prevent worm infestations
    • Use of coriander and mint is gut friendly biput need to be washed well.
    • Wash fruits and vegetables first by soaking in potassium permanganate solution or vinegar solution and then rinsed with fresh water.
    • Refrigerate cooked food once it reaches room temperature. Freeze foods not intended to be used soon.
    • Have plenty of fluids like water , lime juice, coconut water etc. avoid aerated beverages like colas, sweetened drinks which can cause dehydration
     So friends eat healthy, stay healthy and enjoy the monsoons!
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