Human Kidneys- It Needs Greater Attention!

Human body is an amazing creation of God with a complex system of functionality and performing roles, each one of which is no less important than the other. For a human body to keep working without a break, it is important that the by-products it generates get filtered and excreted timely to avoid accumulation of unwanted toxins in the body, which would else cause disease. This function is performed by the renal system of your body. It consist of two little bean shaped organs, called the kidneys. These are the powerful filters which screen all the waste products generated from all that you eat and drink. And, later it excrete out he unwanted toxic products and re-circulate the purified substances back into your circulation.

Thus, it is greatly essential to ensure a conducive environment for these organs, in order to make them perform their important role. In addition, they save us from severe complications too. So, how can you do this?

Well, the answer is quite simple. You can easily take care of your entire system by measuring what you put in to the body, i.e. the food and drinks you consume whole day. In all, you need to follow a healthy lifestyle as follows:

Ensure a healthy diet:

Consume lots of fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grain and cereals. The diet you take should be devoid of too much of fats and sugars, which is generally available in a concentrated and refined form.  A natural balanced diet comprising of various food groups assures to provide adequate nutrients required for normal functioning of the kidneys.

Manage your salts:

The intake of salt needs to be particularly paid heed to, the reason being that excess salt can trigger an osmotic load and cause an imbalance between the fluid volume inside and outside the cells. Make sure you use the required amount of salt in cooking food. But, strictly avoid high salt or sodium foods like bakery products, processed foods, packaged foods and all preserved foods like sauces, pickles, jams, sauces etc. The processing of these food items make use of excess salt. However, you can consume these foods occasionally. It is not harmful to the kidneys in small amounts, as your kidneys are strong enough to bear an over load once in a while!

Keep your body hydrate:

It is very important that you take adequate fluids, mainly in the form of water throughout the day. Doing so, the filtration process of the kidneys becomes smooth. On the other hand, in the absence of adequate water intake, the process of these organs is affected and the waste products may not be excreted out completely. Don’t ignore this! It can lead to many diseases likehigh blood pressure, infections and inflammations.

Besides, there are some points you always need to take care of. Have a look:

  • You should avoid excess consumption of alcohol, soda drinks or any carbonated drinks like colas. Along this, excessive tea, coffee or concentrated juices are also not good for you.


  • If you are already suffering from problems like blood pressure or diabetes, it is very important to keep their levels in check to avoid causing undue stress on the renal circulation.


  • In case of any infections of the kidneys like UTI or any other, immediate attention needs to be given for avoiding major complications later on.


  • Smoking can cause polluted toxins to be channelized to the kidneys, which can cause toxic accumulations in the renal pathway, thereby disturbing their normal functioning.


  • Undue or prolonged use of over the counter medicines, addictive substances or any form of chemical ingredients hidden in any contaminated food etc. can also injure the kidneys and cause serious complications. Same is the case with the medicines taken without knowing their composition, like in case of self-medication.


  • In a bid to have a strong body, health conscious people go over board to have a muscular physique. They generally switch to certain supplements containing high or purified proteins, health tonics and capsules. But, this practice of taking such diet supplements can actually do more harm than good in the long run. The over consumption of proteins like ‘creatine’ might help you to build good muscle mass, but it may take a toll on the functioning of the kidneys leading to renal failure finally. Therefore, you need to consult your dietician before you start with any such supplements.
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