Is Sugar Free Really Free Of Sugar

It has almost become a fad these days with a number of ‘so called health freaks’ to omit sugar from their cup,of tea or coffee. So far so good! After all, we all know by now that sugar is considered as one of those white poisons in our day to day foods that we have. But then most of these people are resorting to ‘sugar free’ pills or artificial sweeteners as they are called. This is where they are faltering! What needs to be borne in mind is that these white pills may be sweetening their cup of tea, but at the same time may be poisoning their health! Recent research published in the Wall Street Journal has exposed some hard bitter facts of the sweet myth. According to studies in mice and people, the artificial sweeteners can actually raise the blood sugar by its action on the normal gut bacteria which can induce such adverse reactions.

Moreover, sugar free can actually, be deceiving you into over indulgence due to the fact that you may be tempted to eat liberally assuming that food to be non sweet or zero calorie. In fact it is just sugar free, but not fat free! Most of the sweets are laden with fats and will actually lead you to gain extra kilos.

So if you are diabetic or over weight, you would do better having a spoonful of sugar rather than those sweet sugar free poison foods. After all even diabetics are allowed around 1-2 Tsps of sugar, provided they count their total carbohydrates! So folks just chuck those pills or sachets containing the bitter sugar and keep healthy!

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