Dietitian In Panchkula And Chandigarh

“Savor every bite of your food. Avoid watching TV or taking calls while you eat or you might likely overeat”.I keep her words in mind whenever I think of food. This is the impact of Dt. Madhu Sharma on me. Hi, I am Vinod from Mohali and I am talking about the best dietician in Mohali, according to me, Dt. Madhu Sharma.

Hey Vinod, sorry to interrupt you. I am Pankaj and I really want to ask you why you think her to be the best. I mean, I am looking for a dietician in Mohali for my sister. Through research, I got confused as everywhere everyone speaks of one or the other dietician. So, please tell me what is that one thing that makes her No.1 according to you?

Yes, I too agree with you Vinod. I am Heena and a client to Dt. Madhu Sharma, since last three years. She is a very knowledgeable Dietitian, who with her expertise, assessed and ensured me to stay fit. Pankaj, I would recommend her too. I guess, she is the most empathetic dietician and nutritionist in Mohali I have come across. She really calmed me down when I became helpless to the end to my obesity problems and solved them very easily. Over the years of my association with her, I can never thank her enough for saving my life, especially when I lost all my hopes!

Ok! Thanks Vinod and Heena for your recommendation. I think, it’s better to go with personal experiences rather than to believe on mere comments.

Very true Pankaj. And believe me, you’ll feel satisfied in your first session itself with Dt. Madhu, once you visit her. Share your experience also with Heena and me. I believe you will also like her services and diet charts. All the best!

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