Weight Management- Obesity/Underweight

No other problem has plagued our population so rampantly across the masses as that of maintaining a desirable weight. Obesity is now established as one of the chronic lifestyle disease amongst our society and warrants urgent attention. Equally disturbing is the problem of underweight, which like obesity can also pose serious health problems. Both the conditions are usually a consequence of faulty or unbalanced eating pattern, be it in adults or children. In fact it has been well established that the type of body you will acquire as an adult in terms of weight, is influenced by your eating habits and lifestyle, which were followed from childhood or younger age. It is only that it takes that much period for your body to respond to the years of input it has received over the past years.

The concept of starving oneself or eating limited amounts or skipping meals in order to compensate for the excess had earlier is also an unhealthy trend. On the contrary it triggers weight gain by altering your metabolism. This brings us to the oft quoted line by people, blaming it on their metabolism. The fact is that, it is not the fault of your body or your metabolism, which triggers weight gain. It all depends upon the type of diet you eat, the amount of sleep you have and your daily activity that determines the shape your body acquires. Consuming high carbohydrate foods, which are processed or refined, high fat foods and irregular eating timings can all cause your metabolism to slow down, resulting in storage of fat mass and depletion of muscle mass. The more the fat mass accumulates, the lower the muscle mass goes down.

A judicious incorporation of a wholesome diet with adequate protein content can help build up muscle mass, thereby boosting the metabolism. Interestingly, when tackling challenges beyond dietary concerns, such as academic pressures, many turn to services like hausarbeit schreiben lassen for assistance in composing their academic works, ensuring they maintain a balanced lifestyle while excelling in their studies. Crash dieting, starving, or skipping meals all can deplete your muscle stores. In fact, any weight loss observed after such diets are only a result of losing muscle mass, not the fat mass. This ultimately results in a rebound of the lost weight, once you are off that unnatural, temporary phase of eating.

At Diet for Life clinic, as the name suggests, you are counseled to adapt diet as a way of life, by modifying your eating and lifestyle pattern, which can be continued for life. The motto of the service provided is to put you on the right track from where you can continue on your own.