Diet or nutrition counseling can benefit any class of people, irrespective of their age, gender, family background, nature of job etc. People suffering from any medical condition like diabetes, cardiac, gastric, hypertension, gynecological issues, weight issues (under weight or overweight), pregnant and lactating mothers  and even kids facing any  diet and growth related problems. Besides, even healthy people seeking any clarifications regarding their dietary aspects and how they can adapt their diet for a long term healthy lifestyle can benefit from diet counseling.

Those seeking diet counseling sessions at Diet for Life clinic, prior appointment is given either through phone or e mail on the given contact numbers. The timings and dates of appointments are given on mutual convenience and availability.

To begin with, you are required to elaborate on the objective of your visit, a brief past lifestyle pattern, the problem you are facing if any regarding your diet, your 24 hour routine which comprises your sleeping and waking up hours, your nature of work, whether you are a student or employed, whether you are staying away from home e.g. in a hostel, any pre existing medical history with investigations if any, your food preferences and how often you dine out etc. Next your physical assessment in terms of weight, height, and other measurements are taken to know your present state of health and body type. Based on these parameters, a detailed diet plan is charted out along with your activity routine starting from your waking up to bed time. The diet plans and activities are not rigid or difficult, but done in consultation with you regarding its feasibility and convenience for you to adhere to.

Initially the first appointment takes a little longer time, approximately 45 minutes or more, depending upon the queries you might have. Subsequently, it may take about 20 -30 minutes, depending upon your feedback and queries.

The number of appointments depends upon your objective of seeking diet counseling. For general queries or advice regarding a healthy or desired dietary behavior for anyone in the family, single appointments are enough. But if you are aiming at a particular target which can take a longer time, e.g. weight management or correcting your diabetic status, or where feedbacks are required to assess the feasibility of following it, you can opt for packages ranging from one to 3 months at discounted rates rather than multiple single visits

The charges will vary depending upon your goals and objectives and can be obtained after you contact for registration, either on phone or e mail.

We do not promise miracles or crash diets which are not only unbalanced in important nutrients, but can be counterproductive too. However, sustained efforts and regular monitoring can bring gradual, lasting and healthy changes over a period of time. It will vary for every individual based on many related factors for each one. Remember, short cuts can be risky!

No problem. You can still avail the counseling services by contacting on phone or e mail for online counseling. The mode of payment can be done by bank transfer, the details of which will be conveyed to you once you decide to register.