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Each individual is different, so ‘one size fits all’ does not apply in this service. Tailor made, individualized diet plans based on various background aspects (like work schedule, age, gender and other medical conditions) are worked out for each individual. Counseling sessions include education for the family as a whole rather than an individual.
Professional service is imparted by highly experienced, well qualified dietician, with a goal of gradual, steady and long term benefits, rather than quick fix remedies, which can only rebound after a certain span of time. Adapting ‘healthy diet a way of life, is the motto of this service.
Considering the fact that good health involves multi disciplinary aspects of the human body, focus is laid on planning diets for individuals, which will be balanced, healthy and catered to individual requirement on a holistic approach. Rest assured of a wholesome eating pattern without any adverse effects.
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Client Testimonials

Usha Wadhwa

Diet Plus For 3 Month
Consistency in diet combined with exercise is the one & only key for those striving for weight loss.My husband bears testimony to this fact,who on the guidelines provided by my sister Madhu Sharma (Retd.dietician) was able to reduce 5 kgs in 3 months & now feels more energetic.Her diet plan includes healthy eating & no starving to lose weight.

Shikha Gupta

Diet Plus For 2 Months
I have started my weight loss journey 2 months ago and i have lost 5 kg just following the diet plan of Dr. Madhu Sharma mam. I am a lactating mother and she has given me diet plan accordingly. She gives so simple diet plans, anyone can follow it. She is the best dietician, highly qualified and very very soft spoken. If anyone wants to loss his or her weight I will highly recommend Dr. Madhu Sharma mam. Also, her fees is very less as compare to other dieticians.


Diet Plus For 1 Month
Before I started my diet with ma'am I used to feel v lethargic n had lot of body aches , though I was not on heavier side still my aim was to eat right kind of nutritional diet n be more fit.so one fine day I happen to go through the Web site of Madhu shares and I got in touch with her. Ever since I started taking her diet plan not only I lost few kg's of weight but also feel more energetic n my pains have almost subsided. No doubtedly you feel so assured n happy after consulting such a professional dietician. She is not only a nutritionist but also a v humble human being .Am so glad to be her client.
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