Summer Drinks

Well, if you have been under the impression that all these are ‘soothing’ or ‘refreshing’, especially juices, hold your breath, they are not! Surprised?  Well, the truth is that fruit juices and such drinks can actually harm your liver! Yes, they contain high levels of fructose (fruit sugar) besides being devoid of fiber. This fructose undergoes a unique metabolic pathway in the liver, whereby this is converted to fatty acids, which gradually deposit there, leading to the first stage of liver damage, ‘fatty liver’. These fatty acids over a period of time lead to enlarged liver, and if not controlled at this stage progresses to the irreversible condition, ‘cirrhosis’, which has its own complications. Therefore next time you head for a glass of juice, thin twice. Even if you must, it is a good idea to dilute it with water to lessen the harmful effect.

To be on the safe side, avoid all sweetened beverages, juices (fresh or canned), colas and other sweetened sodas. On the contrary, go for healthier safe options like lime juice, lassi or buttermilk, jal jeera, green tea, vegetable juice or just whole fruits. At the same time modify your lifestyle to a more active one and a diet with fiber rich whole grain cereals and pulses, low fats, and plenty of green vegetables. Most important keep well hydrated with plenty of plain water!

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